Laurence Holbrook
Welcome to my personal home page. There is a little personal history outline here, plenty of pics, contact information, and links to websites that I use. 
News: I have finally started reorganizing my website - hopefully I can maintain the main pages more easily and keep them more current and up-to-date - I also created canonical domains for several subjects such as travel, technical information and others - the new format of the pages is simpler which means they should load faster besides being simpler to maintain - 
More News: I had two children from a short, early marriage and though unintentional, there has been no contact for over 20 years - my daughter found me through this website - what a thrill it was to hear from her - my daughter, her husband and their two children are doing well - her brother (my son), his wife and their two children are doing well as is her mom (my former wife) and her husband and her mom's sister (my sister-in-law) - I was saddened to learn that my former mother-in-law, her husband and my sister-in-law's husband have all passed - the good news is that I am a 4 time grandfather - I'll update the bio page when I have more information - 
Even though I've had this site for a while it unfortunately is still a work in progress. Email me with the good, the bad and the ugly and I'll do my best to adjust the contents here appropriately 
Thanks for visiting, 
Larry Holbrook